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Zero the Hero

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“Zero helps a curveball that wouldn’t curve.

Zero the Hero! Zero Helps a Curveball That Wouldn’t airy s about a young talented baseball player that learns how to improve his personal skills of pitching through hard work, study, and practice. But mor importantly, it tells the story of how Zero learns very important life lessons; including the importance of perseverance, following through on achieving a goal despite difficulties, the joy and satisfaction a person can obtain by helping others, and putting other’s successes ahead of one’s own. Learning that you don’t always win and sticking to your goals despite sometimes losing are central lessons a child will learn by reading this story.

Zero’s love of the game of baseball, but more importantly his ability to help a friend through a problem despite the possible conflict it could cause to Zero’s own success, is an inspiration story for children (and adults) of all ages. The inspiration for such a story is based on multiple real-life events witnessed throughout the years by the author playing with and helping coach the game of baseball with his son, Joshua.

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